University Academic Offices, Services, and Regulations
The following index references all of the general Academic Regulations of the University as well as important offices providing academic services. For individual School and College regulations and offices, see their respective sections of this Bulletin website indexed under General Information Colleges and Departments.
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Academic Pathways for Excellence (APEX) TRIO Programs — McNair Scholars
Academic Regulations, Graduate
Academic Success: see Student Academic Success Services
AccessID (WSU)
Accreditations of University Programs
Additional Essay or Thesis Elections and Fee Policy
Administration of the University
Admission: ‘AGRADE’ — Accelerated Graduate Enrollment
Admission: Change of Graduate Status
Admission, Faculty
Admission, Graduate Guest
Admission, Graduate Non-Degree
Admission, Graduate School
Admission, Ph.D. Program
Admission, Post-Bachelor
Admission, Qualified
Admission, Regular
Admission, Senior Rule
Admission: Special Status Students
Advising, Initial Ph.D.
Advising, Non-matriculant
Appeal Procedure, Academic
Appeal Procedure (Grade), College/School
Application Dates, Graduate Admission
Application Deadlines
Application for Degree or Certificate
Archives, University
Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation
Attendance and Performance, Responsible
Attendance Policy, Classroom
Auditing Courses
Automotive Research, Center for
Bioengineering Center
Blackboard (Courses on the Web)
Blackstone LaunchPad
Broadcast Messaging (WSU Emergencies)
Calendar, Ph.D. Procedural
Calendar, Academic 2012 - 2014
Campus Life
Cancer Institute, Barbara Ann Karmanos
Candidacy for Ph.D. Degree
Candidacy for Master’s Degree
Cardiovascular Research Institute
Career Services
Centers and Institutes
Certificate: Graduate and Bridge Graduate Programs
Change of Grade or Mark
Children and Families, Merrill-Palmer Skillman Institute for
Citizenship, Center for the Study of
Civil Rights, Damon J. Keith Center for
Code of Conduct, Student
Computer Help Desk: see Help Desk
Computer Labs
Computer Security
Computer Support Services
Computing & Information Technology Division (C&IT)
Confucius Institute
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Courses, Graduate
Coursework, Ph.D.
Credit Card Payments
Credit Load, Maximum
Credits, Definition of
Credits by Examination: see Examination, Credit by
Credits, Major and Minor Graduate
Cross-Cultural Activities
Dean of Students Office
Deception, Fraud and Misuse of Documents
Degree Audit: see STARS (Student Academic Records Source)
Degrees and Certificates Offered through the Graduate School
Degree and Certificate Programs, University
Degree and Certificate Requirements, Graduate
Developmental Disabilities Institute
Directory for the Graduate School
Directory Information, Student
Disability Services, Student (SDS)
Dissertation Advisory Committee
Dissertation Prospectus and Approval
Dissertation Preparation
Dissertation Public Lecture Presentation-Defense
Dissertation Registration
Dissertation (Approved) Submission of
Doctor of Philosophy Degrees (Ph.D.)
Dropping and Adding Courses
Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy
Dual Enrollment
Dual-Title Graduate Degrees
Educational Outreach
Email and Communication Tools
Employment Work-Study
Enrollment, Mandatory Ph.D. Pre-Candidacy
Engineering Library: see Science and Engineering Library
English Language Institute (ELI)
English Proficiency Requirements
Environmental Health Sciences, Institute of
Equality of Opportunity Policy
Essays, Master’s Degree
Ethics, Student
Examination, Credit by
Examination, Ph.D. Qualifying
Exceptions, Ph.D. Program
Executive and Professional Development
Extension Centers
Extension Services and Non-Credit Offerings
Fees, Student
Financial Aid Enrollment Criteria
Financial Aid, Office of Student (OSFA)
Financial Aid, Programs Eligible for
Financial Aid Types
Financial Assistance, Graduate
Fitness: see Recreation and Fitness Center, Mort Harris
Food Service Facilities
Foreign Language Requirement, Ph.D.
Freedom of Information Act, Michigan's
Fulbright Grants: see International Programs
Gerontology, Institute of
Grade Point Average (g.p.a.)
Grades, Graduate
Grading System: University
Graduate Council
Graduate Examiner
Graduate Faculty
Grid Computing
Handicapped, Non-Discrimination Policy
Hardware, Computer
Health Insurance
Health Insurance: International Students and Scholars
Health Research, Center for
Help Desk
Grid Computing
History and Procedures of the Graduate School
History of the University
Housing and Residential Life, Office of
Human Growth and Development, C.S. Mott Center for
Humanities Center
ID, Student (WSU OneCard)
Organizational and Industrial Competitiveness, Institute for
Intellectual Property Law Institute (I.P.L.I.)
Intercollegiate Study: see Michigan Intercollegiate Graduate Studies (MIGS) Program
International Programs
International Students
International Students and Scholars, Office of (OISS)
Internet and Network Services
Joint Degrees
Judaic Studies, Cohn-Haddow Center for
Labor and Urban Affairs, Archives of
Labor Studies Center
Latino and Latin American Studies, Center for
Law Library, Arthur Neef
Learning and Performance Improvement, Institute for
Libraries and Archives of the University
Vision, Ligon Research Center of the School of Medicine
Location of the University
Manufacturing Information Systems Center
Marks, Graduate
Master's Degrees
Mathematics, Center for Excellence and Equity in
McNair Scholars: see Academic Pathways for Excellence (APEX) TRIO Programs — McNair Scholars
Medical Library, Shiffman, and Learning Resources Centers
Merrill-Palmer: see Children and Families, Merrill-Palmer Skillman Institute for
Michigan Intercollegiate Graduate Studies (MIGS) Program
Military and Veterans’ Educational Benefits (OMVEB)
Mission of the Graduate School
Mission of the University
Molecular Toxicology Courses (MTX)
Molecular and Cellular Toxicology (Graduate Programs)
Molecular Medicine and Genetics, Center for
Mott Center: see Human Growth and Development, C.S. Mott Center for
Nepotism, Academic
Non-Degree Admission: see Admission, Graduate Non-Degree
Nursing Center, Primary Care
Oakland Center Library Services Center
Obligations to the Instructional Process
Ombuds Office
OneCard: see ID, Student (WSU OneCard)
Oral Examination
Organizational and Industrial Competitiveness, Institute for
Organization of the University, Administrative
Palliative-Care, Center to Advance Excellence in (CAPEWAYNE)
Parking, Faculty, Staff, and Visitor
Payment of Tuition and Fees
Permit to Register Admission Status
Pipeline WSU (Using the WEB)
Plan of Work, Doctoral
Police/Public Safety Services
Postbaccalaureate Scholars Program, Ronald E. McNair
Post-Bachelor Admission: see Admission, Post-Bachelor
Pre-Candidacy (Ph.D.): see Enrollment, Mandatory Ph.D. Pre-Candidacy
Program Load, Normal
Psychological Services: see Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Purdy/Kresge Library
Records, Release of Student
Records and Registration
Recreation and Fitness Center, Mort Harris
Registrar, Office of the
Registration Online
Registration and Scheduling
Regulations Governing Residence
Research Networks: Internet2 and MiLR
Researcher's Dashboard
Residence Requirement, Ph.D.
Residency (State of Michigan)
Responsibilities, Graduate Faculty and Ph.D. Student
Retail and Commercial Service Facilities
Retaking Courses
Reviews, Annual Ph.D.
Review Procedures for Residence
Rights and Responsibilities, Student
Scholarship (Academic Standards)
Science and Engineering Library
Sexual Harassment Policy
Software, Computer
Short-Term and Travel-Study Courses for Graduate Credit
Social Work Practice and Policy Research, Center for
STARS (Student Academic Records Source)
Student Academic Success Services
Student Center
Student Senate
Study Abroad and Global Programs
Technology Resource Center
Testing, Evaluation, and Research Services
Theses, Master’s
Transcript Request Policy
Transfer of Credits — Graduate
Time Limitation for Master’s Degree
Time Limitation, Ph.D.
Travel Study: see Short-Term and Travel-Study Courses for Graduate Credit
TRIO Programs: see Academic Pathways for Excellence (APEX) TRIO Programs — McNair Scholars
Tuition and Fees, Graduate
Tuition Cancellation
Undergraduate Library, David Adamany
Undergraduate Registration for Graduate Courses
Urban Studies, Center for
Veterans’ Benefits: see Military and Veterans’ Educational Benefits (OMVEB)
Vision, Ligon Research Center of the School of Medicine
Visitor Program (Non-Credit)
Websites, C&IT
Windsor, University of — WSU, Exchange Program Agreement
Workplace Issues, Douglas A. Fraser Center for
Workplace Violence, Policy on