APX - Academic Pathway Excellence

APX 0500 Foundations in Writing Cr. 3

Preliminary course designed to provide foundational work in writing, in preparation for ENG 1010. Basic writing; emphasis on grammar, vocabulary and paragraph development, and organization. No degree credit. Offered Yearly.

APX 0510 Practical Mathematics Cr. 3

Review of concepts involving arithmetic with fractions, decimals, and percent; units conversions; ratio and proportion; exponents and radicals; algebra and linear equations; with word problems emphasized. Some elementary geometry, interpretations of graphs, and probability included. This course prepares students for MAT 0993. Offered Yearly.

APX 0600 Learning Community Seminar Cr. 0

Students are involved in group learning, community service initiatives, and social development projects. Offered Every Term.

APX 1000 Learning Strategies for College Success Cr. 2

First-year seminar course designed to improve critical thinking, notetaking, and exam preparation strategies for application to college courses. Offered Every Term.

APX 1010 Seminar in Reading College Texts Cr. 2

Development and application of critical and analytical thinking skills to college-level texts and the process of developing new ideas. Offered Every Term.