PED - Pediatrics

PED 7120 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods Cr. 3

Introduction to bivariate analysis and essential multivariate analysis as well as data entry and manipulation. Offered Yearly.

PED 7130 Advanced Research Methods I: Assessment, Measurement, and Descriptive Epidemiological Designs Cr. 3

Concepts, principles, methods and practices in health behavioral research, with emphasis on measurement, research design, and basic analytical skills. Offered Yearly.

PED 7140 Advanced Research Methods II: Intervention Study Design and Evaluation Cr. 3

Methodology for design and evaluation of behavioral intervention programs. Offered Yearly.

Prerequisite: PED 7130, ; PED 7120,

PED 7160 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods Cr. 3

Use of qualitative and mixed methods in relation to current and emerging global public health issues; how qualitative methods contribute to the development and implementation of interventions.

PED 7210 Foundations of Health Behavior and Health Education I Cr. 3

Introduction to health behavior and health education using social ecological theories. Offered Yearly.

PED 7220 Foundations of Health Behavior and Health Education II Cr. 3

Advanced examination of health behavior theories, including in-depth analyses of health behavior theories and their application. Offered Yearly.

Prerequisite: PED 7210,

PED 7230 Adolescent Health and Development Cr. 3

Exploration of a variety of aspects of adolescent development and adolescent health behaviors/risk behaviors. Offered Yearly.

PED 8210 Planning and Funding Research in Health Behavior and Health Education Cr. 3

Introduction to the process of developing and submitting a research proposal. Offered Yearly.

PED 8240 Disseminating Research Findings to Multiple Audiences Cr. 3

Introduction to the research dissemination process, including formats and venues for the dissemination of research findings and the tailoring of research findings to different audiences. Offered Yearly.

PED 8320 Intervention Development and Design Cr. 3

Introduction to the process of designing and testing effective clinical health interventions. Offered Yearly.

Prerequisite: PED 7130,

PED 8330 Implementation Science Cr. 3

Theoretical frameworks and methodologies in implementation science, including effectiveness. efficiency, and fidelity of health program implementation. Offered Yearly.

Prerequisite: PED 8320,