Career and Technical Education (M.Ed.)

This program follows the general admission and degree requirements for the Master of Education. Additional tabs enumerate the specific amendments/variations to generic requirements, as well as program options.

This program is designed for students with a secondary teaching certificate in a career and technical education specialty or teachers with vocational certification only. In addition, certified teachers may meet career and technical educational endorsement requirements in a career and technical education specialty. Upon completing six credits in a planned program within the previous five years, the required three years of appropriate teaching experience, and a course in Assessment and Differentiated Instruction in Reading (RLL 6802), the certified teacher may be eligible for both the five-year professional education certificate and the Occupational Education certificate. Teachers with a vocational certification only, may be eligible for the Occupational Certificate upon completing the requirements above.

Admission Requirements

Admission to this program is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School


The program consists of a minimum of thirty credits. Required courses include:

CTE 6010History and Principles of Career and Technical Education3
CTE 6999Coordination of Cooperative Occupational Education3
CTE 7820Planning and Organizing Instruction in Career and Technical Education3
CTE 8998Current Issues and Trends3
TED 7000Introductory Master's Seminar2-3
EER 7610Evaluation and Measurement2-3
ED 7999Terminal Master's Seminar and Essay or Project3
Additional courses selected in consultation with an advisor11
Total Credits30-32

Deficiencies in relevant work experience must be completed in addition to the required thirty credits.All course work must be completed in accordance with the academic procedures of the College of Education and the Graduate School's regulations governing graduate scholarship and degrees.

Advising: Information regarding career and technical education programs may be obtained from the Teacher Education area on the second floor of the College of Education Building.