Public Library Services to Children and Young Adults (Graduate Certificate)

The Graduate Certificate in Public Library Services to Children and Young Adults is intended for: practicing library professionals who need to advance their competency in the field of children and youth services; SLIS graduate students wishing to pursue a professional career in children and youth services; and graduate students from other disciplines and professions who wish public library and youth services skills to aid their organizations in meeting community needs.

Children and young adults comprise a high proportion of the patrons of public libraries-from large urban library systems to suburban library districts to small rural independent libraries. Services to children and young adults requires specialized training in the development of programs, the creation of effective collections, and the skills necessary to collaborate with community organizations who serve children and young adults. Students completing the certificate will be able to: develop effective programs and outreach services for children and young adults in public libraries; create appropriate collections, both print and electronic, for children and young adults in public libraries; and collaborate with community agencies, such as schools, social services, health organizations, to provide needed instruction and support for children and young adults.

Admission Requirements

Admission to this program is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School. In addition the LIS School requires minimally a 3.0 g.p.a. in the baccalaureate degree; a statement of relevant personal and academic background and experience; and a current resume or curriculum vitae.


The certificate may be completed in conjunction with the MLIS degree or as a post-MLIS certificate. The fifteen-credit Public Library Services to Children and Young Adults Certificate program includes nine credits of required coursework and six credits of electives. The nine credits of required courses cover the development of effective services for children and young adults (LIS 7250), outreach and marketing to communities and families (LIS 7250 and LIS 7420) and creating appropriate collections for children and young adults (LIS 7340).  Students choose from among a wide range of elective courses related to children's literature, bibliographic instruction and practical experiences for six hours to complete the certificate.

As with other certificates, nine credits of this certificate may be used toward completion of the Master's degree requirements.

Required Courses
LIS 72503
LIS 74203
LIS 73403
Elective Courses
Select six credits of the following:6
LIS 6510/RLL 7720
LIS 6520/RLL 7740
LIS 6530/EED 6310
LIS 6550/RLL 7780
LIS 7850
(with permission of Certificate Lead Instructor)
LIS 7880
Total Credits15