Library and Information Science and History (M.A./M.L.I.S. Joint Degree)

Joint-degree programs allow students to earn two degrees with fewer credits than if the degrees are earned separately. Students who enroll in the joint program will earn both the M.L.I.S. and M.A. in History degree. Graduates will increase their job market potential and be prepared to enter a new workforce that is capable of appraising and describing historical records, creating websites, and preserving electronic documents. Applicants to this fifty-seven credit program must be admitted to both the Department of History and the School of Library and Information Science master's degree programs. Candidates must complete the required courses as outlined for both programs in order to graduate. Core courses in one program may not be used as elective courses in the other; fourteen credits of electives may be double-counted.


Requirements: Library and Information Science

Students will complete twenty-nine credits in core and elective LIS courses and seven credits in History elective courses.

Required LIS Courses
LIS 60103
LIS 60803
LIS 61203
LIS 62103
LIS 70403
LIS 79963
Elective Courses
LIS Elective Courses11
HIS Elective Courses7
Total Credits36

Requirements: History

Students will complete twenty-eight credits of History core and elective courses and seven credits of LIS elective courses.

Required History Courses
HIS 7999Master's Essay Direction3
HIS 7830Methods and Research in History3
History Elective Courses
Select twenty-two credits, including the following:22
A minimum of three History courses in major field
A minimum of two History courses in minor field
Four History courses must be at the 7000 level
At least one 8000 level History seminar
LIS Elective Courses
Select seven credits7
Total Credits35

Total for both degrees: fifty-seven credits (no more than fourteen credits may be double-counted).