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Social Work & Anthropology (SWAN Ph.D.)

...who do not possess an MSW must also...Theory I 3 ANT 7020 Anthropological Theory II...

Anthropology (M.A.)

...second semester of theory, ANT 7020 (Anthropological Theory II), as an elective or seminar. For...

Business Administration (M.B.A. Program)

...taking an equivalent course, or by taking an...a prerequisite for BA 7020 . Business Information Systems...

AN 7020 Clinical Anesthesia Practicum II Cr. 2

Continuation of AN 7010. Offered Winter.

Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students; enrollment limited to students in the Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

PSY 7020 An Integrative Approach to Social, Cognitive and Developmental Psychology Cr. 3

Integration of three major topics in psychology. Offered Biannually (Fall).

Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to students with a major in Psychology; enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.