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NUR 8012 Philosophical Basis of Nursing Cr. 3

Philosophical underpinnings of the nursing discipline in order to assist students in understanding the tripartite role of a Ph.D.-prepared nurse as scholar, scientist, and steward of the discipline. Students will explore the interaction of historical, theoretical, and philosophical contexts within which nursing science has developed, discuss the role each has played in the process of developing nursing as an academic research discipline, and examine these for congruence with contemporary thinking. Emphasis is on analyzing epistemological and ontological assumptions underlying the discipline, the science, and the practice of nursing. Debates arising from philosophy and the history of science and nursing inform discussions about the nature of science and nursing's past, present, and future directions in theory and knowledge development. Offered Fall.

Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students; enrollment limited to students in a Doctor of Philosophy degree; enrollment limited to students in the College of Nursing.