Academic Services: College of Education

Office: 489 Education; 313-577-1601
Assistant Dean: Janice Green
Graduate Advising: LaSondra Dawn, Paul Johnson, Cynthia Ward, Kevin Williams
Undergraduate Advising: Fawne Allossery, Janet Andrews, Ebony Green, Chelsea Smith, Cassandra Tackett
Macomb University Center Advising: Sherry Cormier-Kuhn (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Office of Field Experience: Assistant Director: Lori Lucas

Purposes of the Office

The Academic Services Division is responsible for admitting undergraduate and graduate students to programs of the College of Education. The Division is also responsible for the Office of Field Experiences (pre- and directed student teaching), maintaining student files, and processing and certifying graduation. In addition, the Division provides a placement service for graduates seeking employment in the field of K-12 teaching.

The Division provides information and advice concerning programs, admission procedures, administrative and teaching certificates, and general University policy. Other services provided include preparation of the Schedule of Classes, and evaluation of transcripts. The unit also maintains curriculum guides and community college equivalency tables, approves official Plans of Work, and monitors the College probation system.

Off-Campus Centers: The College offers undergraduate course work in off-campus centers throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. Courses scheduled at these centers provide residence credit and are comparable to the offerings on the main campus.

Services to Students


Students seeking admission information should contact Academic Services by calling 313-577-1601, via e-mail at ask, or by attending open advising every Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in room 489 Education. The Academic Services Office also advises in-service teachers working for professional certification and those seeking additional certificate endorsements.

Each student admitted to the College of Education is assigned to an advisor. The advisor guides the student in the selection of courses and counsels the student in solving problems.

Education Placement Office

This office serves graduates of the College who have completed initial teacher-preparation or advanced graduate programs, and in-service teachers enrolled either currently or previously in the University. All persons qualifying for teachers’ certificates are urged to register with this office.

Close contact is maintained with school systems in Michigan and in other states. Attempts are made to keep informed of current trends in teacher supply and demand. College and university staff vacancies for professional positions throughout the United States are also listed with this office.