Laboratory Science Concentration (B.H.S.)

Students interested in the B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) are initially admitted into this degree track. If a student is not accepted into the CLS track in the Fall of the second professional program year, he/she may complete sufficient credits to graduate with the Bachelor of Health Science with a concentration in laboratory science degree. This degree is also for students interested in entering a subsequent graduate program. The curriculum allows flexibility in course selection to meet the prerequisites for the Pathologists' Assistant Program, Physician Assistant Studies Program, medical school, or graduate school in a basic medical science. This degree does not include any clinical experiential courses. Admission to the CLS major program is required to register for clinical experiential courses.

Admission decisions for the B.H.S. with a concentration in laboratory science degree may include: Accepted, Denied, or Conditional Acceptance. If applicants are taking prerequisite courses during the application process, acceptance will not be final until satisfactory completion of the requirements.


The B.H.S.  with a concentration in laboratory science degree requires a total of 120 credits.

Required Courses 

CLS 3020Hematology Lecture and Laboratory4
CLS 3080Instrumentation Lecture and Laboratory4
CLS 3100Basic Techniques: Microscopy3
CLS 3280Clinical Chemistry Lecture and Laboratory4
CLS 4210Hemostasis Lecture and Laboratory2
CLS 4230Hematology II2
CLS 5500Immunology and Serology3
CLS 5510Diagnostic Microbiology I4
CLS 5520Diagnostic Microbiology II4
CLS 5530Microbiology Simulation Laboratory3
CLS 5993Writing Intensive Course in Clinical Laboratory Science0
Total Credits33

Approved Electives

Sufficient electives may be taken to complete the minimum of 120 credits needed for graduation. Electives must be approved by the CLS Program and may include (list is not all inclusive):

CLS 3040Immunohematology Lecture and Laboratory4
CLS 3090Introduction to Professional Practice2
CLS 4040Laboratory Operations3
CLS 4990Professional Directed Study1-8
CLS 5020Pathophysiology for the Clinical Laboratory3
Advanced Physiology
Cell Biology
General Physics
Advanced Psychology
Ethical Issues in Health Care
Introduction to Ethics