Information Systems Management (B.S.)

Admission  Requirements: Students who meet the University requirements for regular admission are eligible for admission to the Mike Ilitch School of Business.

Degree Requirements

Candidates for the bachelor’s degree must complete 122 credits including satisfaction of the degree requirements. All course work must be completed in accordance with the academic rules of the University and those of the Mike Ilitch School of Business.

Information Systems Management (ISM) refers to the use of computer-based systems to gather and analyze complex information about all aspects of a business. This information is used by managers to make business decisions. Students specializing in ISM frequently pursue career positions as business analysts, data base analysts, ERP specialists, social media specialist, web content manager, and information systems managers. The courses offered in the ISM program emphasize hands-on technical application of relevant software and coverage of  content for course-related certification exams. The following five courses plus at least one elective are required for the information systems management major.

ISM 5820Systems Analysis and Design3
ISM 5860Data Communications and Networks3
ISM 5992Database Systems3
ISM 5994Software Tools for Business Applications3
ISM 6997Information Systems Policy and Management3
Select one of the following (but are strongly recommended to elect more than one):3
IT Security
ERP Systems: Concepts and Practice
Ethics in Information Technology
Survey of e-Commerce
Data Mining and Analytics
Special Topics in Information Systems
Inbound Information Technology
Internship in Information Systems
Project Management
Total Credits18