Kinesiology (M.Ed.)

The Master of Education with a Major in Kinesiology is offered under two concentrations:

  • Exercise and Sport Science
  • Physical Education and Physical Activity Leadership (PE-PAL)

Completion of this degree requires satisfaction of one of these specializations as outlined below.

Admission Requirements

Admission to this program is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School and the Division of Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies.

This Master of Education with a major in Kinesiology degree is offered under the following options:

  • Plan AA minimum of thirty credits including an eight credit thesis
  • Plan BA minimum of thirty credits including a three-credit project
  • Plan C: A minimum of thirty credits including an internship (variable credit option)

Exercise and Sport Science (M.Ed.)

This graduate degree in kinesiology with an exercise and sport science concentration is designed to prepare students on the knowledge and skill in sport and fitness activities, psychology of exercise and sport, apply knowledge about human movement systems to fitness/wellness, and analyze and evaluate human performance of individuals in various age groups and at differing fitness levels.

Degree Requirements

Thirty credits are required and plan of work is tailored based on the student's career goal.

Required Courses
KIN 5523Physical Activity and Exercise Psychology3
KIN 6210Physical Activity and Cognition3
KIN 6310Exercise Physiology II3
KIN 6320Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription3
KIN 7580Biomechanical Analysis of Motor Activity3
KIN 8530Motor Learning3
Culminating Experience
Select one of the following:3-8
Master's Essay and Project Direction
Master's Thesis Direction
Internship in Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies
Elective Courses
Select courses as approved by advisor to complete the thirty credits required for graduation9
Total Credits30-35

Physical Education and Physical Activity Leadership (PE-PAL) Pedagogy (M.Ed.)

This specialization is designed to prepare students for academic or professional careers in teaching physical education or physical activity leadership. It involves the study of concepts related to conducting physical activity programs, with an emphasis on those relating to school-based, community-based and sport-based contexts. This degree is intended to enable teachers certified in physical education to continue their studies in physical education pedagogy (including adapted physical education), and for teachers certified in other areas of education to obtain certification in physical education while simultaneously obtaining their graduate degree. As such, candidates for the program must hold a current Michigan teacher certification (but not necessarily in physical education).

Degree Requirements

This Master of Education degree requires a minimum of thirty credit including major requirement/elective courses (minimum of twenty-four credits) and general professional courses (minimum of six credits). All courses are selected at the discretion and with the guidance of an advisor. A minimum g.p.a. of 3.0 is required for graduation. All coursework must be completed in accordance with the academic procedures of the College of Education and the Graduate School's regulations governing graduate scholarship and degrees.

General Professional Courses
Select six credits of the following:6
The Role of the Teacher in Guidance
Child Psychology
Adolescent Psychology
The Learning Process
Fundamentals of Statistics
Qualitative Research I: Introduction
Philosophy of Education
History, Philosophy, and Ethics of Teaching Students with Disabilities
Supportive Environments, Engaged Learning
Major Requirement/Elective Courses
Select 24 credits of the following (Sample courses to fulfill this requirement might include but are not limited to the following):24
Workshop in Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies
Special Problems in KHS
Master's Essay and Project Direction
Motor Learning and Development
Movement Education
Sports I
Fitness Instruction
Effective Teaching and Instructional Practices
Technology and Assessment in Kinesiology
Socio-cultural Issues in Physical Activity
Achievement Motivation in Physical Education
Motor Learning
Adapted Physical Activity
Disability and Sports
Assessment and Service Delivery in Adapted Physical Education
Leadership Training and Practicum in Adapted Physical Education
Total Credits30