Art and Art History

Office: 150 Art Building, 450 Reuther Mall; 313-577-2980
Chairperson: Sheryl Oring
Assistant Chairperson: Siobahn Gregory
Undergraduate Art Advisors: Avanti Herczeg, AA II and Michele Porter, ASO III
Graduate Officer: Lauren Kalman
Visual Resource Librarian: Terry Kirby, ASO III
Art Exhibitions Director: Tom Pyrzewski, ASO II
Woodshop Supervisor: Robert Taormina
Sculpture and 3D Studio Supervisor: Michael Bogdan
Office Supervisor: Amy Hays
Office Services Clerk Sr.: Ted Duenas
Office Services Clerk II: Claurice Drumgoole


W. Hawkins Ferry Endowed Chair in Twentieth Century Art History and Art Criticism: TBA
Elaine L. Jacob Endowed Chair: Melvin Rosas

Our Mission

The James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History is a community of students, staff, and faculty that advances the study and practice of art history, design, and fine art.

Our Vision

We sustain and further these disciplines through rigorous research, creative production, instruction, and community engagement within the context of an urban research university.

To realize this vision the department will:

  1. Offer relevant and innovative programs grounded in faculty expertise
  2. Support the research and creative activity of students and faculty
  3. Develop lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and events that engage diverse audiences
  4. Cultivate a supportive and collaborative environment for critical thinking, visual literacy, and creative practice
  5. Provide safe and professional facilities for our students, staff, and faculty
  6. Promote the importance of an arts education within a university context

The James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History is dedicated to the understanding, production and presentation of works of art in all media. It seeks to explore and develop visual literacy as well as technical, critical and conceptual skills. The curriculum combines history, theory, practice and technology with interdisciplinary learning that aims to nurture a balance between technical proficiency, experimentation with new ideas and studying the visual arts as a means of understanding the intellectual and cultural history of humanity. By receiving a comprehensive training in the visual arts within the context of a liberal arts education, students are encouraged to master the various avenues of creative investigation and learning within the Department as well as in other departments of the College and the University at large. Each student is thereby able to progress from fundamentals to creative and intellectual maturity and given the tools of professionalization in a variety of different areas while immersed in the rich diversity of cultural and research opportunities offered by the University as a whole.

Academic Work Retention Policy: The Department reserves the right to retain, for its permanent collection, the work submitted by students for credit in any course, and to exhibit or reproduce such work in University publications. Students are encouraged to retain work as they proceed through their program, so as to have at least twenty works for a final portfolio review and demonstration of progress.