Orchestral Studies (Graduate Certificate)

The Graduate Certificate Program in Orchestral Studies is intended for instrumentalists with an interest in pursuing advanced and intense training in the art of orchestral playing. Even though it is primarily intended for musicians with an undergraduate or graduate degree in music, candidates with degrees in other fields will be considered if they can demonstrate extensive musical experience, including highly advanced performance skills on an orchestral principal instrument.

Admission Requirements

The Orchestral Studies Graduate Certificate Program is currently under revision with plans for updating the curriculum. Consequently, there is a new student admissions moratorium in effect for this program. For current information, please contact the Department of Music 313-577-1775.

Admission to this program is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School. Candidates should possess either an undergraduate degree in music or its equivalent in course work, private study, and experience.


Prerequisite: Bachelor of Music with a concentration in instrumental performance or its equivalent as described above. All applicants must successfully complete a pre-admission audition.

MUA 7810University Symphony Orchestra (3 Req.)1
MUA 7875Orchestral Repertory (2 Req.; Max. 3)1
MUA 7880Chamber Music and Special Ensembles (Max. 3)1
Note: MUA 7875 and MUA 7880 elections must total 3 credits; if MUA 7875 is repeated for 3 credits, MUA 7880 is not required.
MUP 72XX (Major Private Instruction on principal instrument) (Max. 12)9