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Victoria Meller

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Fall 2021
Principles of Microbiology Laboratory
Biological Sciences
Liberal Arts & Sciences
This is a new non-majors lab that expands clinical and diagnostic training over what was done in an existing Microbiology course (Bio 2200) but removes molecular exercises. Expenses are based on relevant expenditures in 2019 and presented in an attached spread sheet. Non-majors are approximately 2/3 of the current Bio 2200 enrollment. We anticipate an enrollent of 350/year in Bio 2271.
Principles of Microbiology (Bio 2271)
This new non-majors course is designed for nursing and other pre-professional students. It introduces the students to a broad range of microorganisms and emphasizes clinical and diagnostic techniques such as microorganism culturing and staining. Students completing this course will learn the safe handling of microorganisms and aseptic technique in addition to the characteristics of these organisms and the factors that affect their growth.
Key: 103