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Regina Zibuck

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Fall 2021
Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
Liberal Arts & Sciences
Statement of Rationale:
CHM 3130 is a new laboratory course in Analytical Chemistry for Chemistry majors. We anticipate the enrollment to be 140 students per year. In this laboratory course, students will learn to use quantitative analytical chemistry techniques to determine the amount of various compounds in an unknown sample. These techniques include acid-base titrations, reduction-oxidation (redox) titrations, uv-vis spectrophotometry, fluorescence spectrophotometry, column and gas chromatography. A Course Materiel Fee is requested to offset the cost of
consumable supplies and chemicals in addition to glassware or equipment replacement if damage occurs.

Justification for the proposed Course Fee:
Based on the laboratory experiments in this course, $100 per student will cover the cost of consumables, chemicals and any breakage or damage to equipment that might occur in a typical semester.
Key: 110