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Fall 2021
Light Microscopy and Imaging
Biological Sciences
Liberal Arts & Sciences
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The objective of this course is to provide graduate students in biological sciences a hands-on introduction to basic and contemporary microscopy. This includes the physics of microscopy, the preparation of samples, the use of various microscopes and the analysis of the images. Finally, the students will learn about the multitude of core imaging resources available to them on campus. This will provide our graduate students with a powerful and versatile method. Microscopy training will support their thesis and dissertation research projects as they advance through our graduate program.

The hands-on nature of this course will allow for a maximum of eight students to be enrolled at a time. Enrollment will be limited to students who require the microscopy skills for their research projects. The CMF will defray approximately half of the projected cost of offering this course. The department of Biological Sciences commits to cover the remaining expenses up to $150/student.
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