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Karen Apolloni

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Fall 2021
Immunohematology II
Applied Health Sciences
Pharmacy and Health Sciences
1. General lab supplies: disposable lab coats, nitrile gloves, face shields, disposable pipettes, paper towels, disinfectant (cost shared among all CLS program lab courses); portion of cost =$244
2. Disposable test tubes 10 x 75 mm size; 6 cases x $65=$390
3. Antibody screening cells; 5 x $25/set=$125
4. Antibody panels (Panocell 10); 4 x $72/set=$288
5. Specific antisera; 5 x $12 each=$60
6. anti-S; 1 at $46/each=$46
7. Shipping costs; estimated=$100
In this course we will teach students advanced immunohematology lecture content and laboratory techniques including screening patients' blood for unusual antibodies against erythrocyte antigens, antibody identification, screening donor blood for these antigens to find compatible units of blood for transfusion, and preparation of blood components for transfusion. Students must have appropriate reagents to work with in student laboratory sessions, along with the supplies necessary for carrying out this work. This course will be run for the first time in Fall 2021.
Key: 137