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Leslie Coty

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Fall 2021
Clinical Practicum IV
Health Care Sciences
Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Typhon subscription: $10.00 x 24
The Identified Course Material Fees refers to students’ consumables and are allocated to the Experiential Learning experiences that students must obtain to be eligible to take the National Board Examination (NCE) upon graduation. To be eligible to practice and retain continuing certification to practice students must take and pass the NCE to achieve initial certification from the National Board of Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthesia (NBCRNA)

Meeting the experiential requirements as required by the COA and NBCRNA significant clinical hours must be spent in clinical settings to achieve the clinical expectations to graduate. Students must meet the clinical orientation requirements provided by each clinical site in which students rotate. Our clinical rotation sites are requesting students provide their own PPE due to Covid-19 and this fee is being incorporated into the course fee structure. PPE must also be worn during classroom simulation sessions.

Students must also demonstrate using simulation techniques to indicate their readiness for actual clinical practice. In addition, students are expected to submit the required clinical rotation tool to their preceptor to obtain written feedback on their clinical performances. Students are responsible for uploading all their clinical evaluations in Typhon which are then reviewed by the program for accuracy as well as timeliness in uploading materials for he program to review. While this system works well in terms of transferring each student data to the NBCRNA transcript format, Considerable amount of time is spent reviewing the uploaded information for students and to direct the students to seek additional clinical experiences when indicated.
Sara F. Maher (ad3587) (Thu, 14 Jan 2021 18:23:09 GMT): Rollback: Sent back at request.
David McGrann (al7989) (Fri, 30 Apr 2021 13:41:55 GMT): Fees reduced during provost's office review to exclude PPE request. See attached BOG report.
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