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Viewing: PAA: Clinical Terminology & Methodology II for Pathologists' Assistants

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VeraLucia Mendes-Kramer

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Fall 2021
Clinical Terminology & Methodology II for Pathologists' Assistants
Applied Health Sciences
Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Surgical specimens: sheep brain, porcine heart, porcine testicle, various vegetable mimickers
Surgical supplies: blades, ink, cassettes, specimen containers
Chemical supplies: formalin
PPE supplies: disposable gowns, gloves, face shields, KN 95 masks, surgical masks, hair buffets.
This laboratory course mimics the surgical laboratory setting in which students will be practicing. During the course of the laboratory, the hands-on instruction attempts to provide the most realistic organ tissues that can be utilize to perform frozen sections, tumor triage, inking, and sectioning for tumor staging. PPE mimics that utilized in the clinical setting, and continues to provide students the necessary safety measure for in-person laboratories. Chemicals utilize maintain tissue fresh for multiple laboratory usage.
Key: 169