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Gretchen Mohney

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Winter 2020
Anatomical Basis of Sports Medicine
Kinesiology, Hlth & Sport Std
College of Education
Expendable supplies for shared prosected cadaver and expendable supplies for didactic instruction, lab examination and exploration.

- Cadaver $1,250.0
- Cadaver deliver cost $350.00
- Cadaver pick-up cost $350.00 (20 months later)
- Supplies (gloves, formalin, cleaning) ~$700
- Software (Ovid) $582

Total: $2968 annual expense for one cadaver is projected to cost $3000.00
In this course, students will be exposed to various cadaver resources shared among WSU healthcare professions by interdisciplinary design. Supplies will be renewed on an annual basis, with projected expendable supplies necessary for the examination procedures. Course fees per student are in alignment with fee structure established by other health science professional programs (PT and OT).
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