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Katie MacDonald

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Fall 2022
Surface Studio
Art and Art History
Fine, Performing & Comm. Arts
Please view attached file (CMF_Request_ACO_1200_f21) for detailed, itemized cost breakdown:

Bag (carry all)
Cutting Mat, 12”x18”
Artist tape, 1/2”, 60 yds
Tracing Paper, 9”x12”
#2 pencils, 3
Zipper bag
Sharpie, blk, Fine, 2
Sharpie, blk, Ultrafine, 3
Multipurpose scissors
Bristol Pad, 11”x14”
Stainless Ruler, 15”
X-Acto Knife #1
X-Acto Blades, No. 11
UHU Gluestick, .29 oz, 2
Elmers Craft Cement
005 Micron Pen
02 Micron Pen
05 Micron Pen
08 Micron Pen
Pocket Color Wheel
Lino Cutter
Printing Block, 4x6, 2pk, 2
Block Printing Ink, 2.5oz
4” hard brayer
Kneaded Eraser
Paint Brushes
Palette Paper, 9x12
Mixed Media Pad
Paint mixing knife
Liquitex Basics - Primary Set of 5
Grafix Clear Acetate (templateing)
Watercolor paper, 6 sheets
Staedtler Watercolor Pencils 12pk
Rubber Cement pick up
Black drawing paper, 10 sheets

TOTAL: 140.08
Surface Studio is a Core studio for visual communication in 2-dimensional media, and a required course for most academic programs in offered in the James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History. The $105.00 Course Material Fee attached to this course has allowed us to provide a material kit to students that provides everything needed to complete all required coursework. Purchasing in bulk with institutional discounts provides students with course materials at a lower cost.

The request to increase the material feel from $105.00 to $140.00 comes in part to contend with a rapid and significant increase in the cost of nearly all materials provided in the kit, and the need to provide an additional item: a set of single-pigment acrylic paints for predictable results in a unit module that introduces color theory principles.

Material Kits are currently provided for all three Core Studio courses (ACO 1200 (current CMF $105), ACO 1230 (current CMF $140), and ACO 1270 (current CMF: $150)) and have proven to be integral to all instructional methods offered. They insure students have what they need to complete work in class (traditional), from home (sync/async online), and in between (hybrid), and greatly support instruction.
Key: 189