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Margaret Hull

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Fall 2022
Fashion Design: CAD
Art and Art History
Fine, Performing & Comm. Arts
Annual CLO3D (software program) fee - $46.43 (shared by 140 students)

Annual WGSN (digital resource) fee - $18.03 (shared by 416 students)

*Total cost per student = $64.46 rounded to $65

* See attached detailed breakdown of costs
The trend forecasting resource, WGSN, is an essential tool for students in this course to use in research. Fashion Design: CAD introduces students to 2D, CAD software, Gerber Accumark and builds upon prior knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. WGSN includes a library of digital garment flats, which are essential references for students learning to produce technical packets (tech packs) in-computer. In addition, access to the knowledge provided by this digital resource exposes all students in the Fashion Design and Merchandising program to industry standards in regard to the development and marketing of fashion products.

Students will have the opportunity to access a library of 3D renderings and develop 3D garments alongside their 2D garment flats in the software program, CLO3D. The adoption of this software ensures students have access to high quality digital tools that will give them an advantage when job-seeking after graduation. Adoption of this software is also consistent with an expansion of digital course-offerings initiated in a curriculum change in 2020-2021.
Key: 193