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Mary Copenhagen

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Fall 2022
Intro to Costuming
Theatre and Dance
Fine, Performing & Comm. Arts
mask blanks - $ 20.00/14 = $1.43/student Craft project
muslin fabric - $ 75.00/14 = $5.36/student Machine sewing sampler
2 dye kits - $ 28.00/14 = $2.00/student Tie Dye/pillow project
t shirts - $56.00/14 = $4.00/student Tie dye project
broadcloth fabric - $ 69.86/14 = $4.99/student Pillow construction project
bleached muslin - $ 55.86/14 = $3.99/student Tie dye/pillow project
fiber fill - $ 20.00/14 = $1.43/student Pillow project
printed fabric - $167.72/14 = $11.98/student Apron construction project
Art paper - $ 12.00/14 = $ .86/student Rendering project
Sewing Kits - $125.86/14 = $ 8.99/student General tools for each student
fabric scissors - $125.86/14 = $8.99/student Fabric scissors for each student
Total supplies - $756.28/14 = $54.02/student

Sewing machine servicing - $420.00/14 = $30.00/student
If machine servicing is added in it brings total to $84.02/student
Each of the items relates to one of the projects we do in the course as seen on the syllabus. Purchasing individual sewing kits and fabric scissors allows each student to have the same equipment for the class and cost can be added to their financial package rather than having students purchase items themselves. And they all will have the tools at the beginning of the class. Since this is a Freshman class those students who live in the dorms do not have any way to go buy the supplies unless we have the bookstore stock the sewing kits and scissors.
Key: 196