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Ramona Benkert

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Spring/Summer 2022
Advanced Nursing Assessment
Instruction NU
College of Nursing
see attached
For many years, the college of nursing has absorbed the cost of these fees through our differential tuition fees. However, the cost for these fees exceeds our upcoming budget projections. While the differential fees continue to support all of the other simulation lab and clinical lab costs (e. g. staff salary, mannequins, general clinical skills lab overhead costs), it was determined that this ONE (of four [MSN] of eight [DNP]) graduate nursing courses and its intensive costs will be partially passed onto students. These fees are above and beyond the day to day overhead costs of running a clinical skills lab and a simulation lab for our undergraduate nursing program. In addition, the fee we are currently passing on to students is below the actual costs for this clinically intensive course. We refer you to the attached word document which outlines the actual costs by clinical specialty for one intensive week in this course. The intensive week is only one set of costs to the college for this course.
Key: 205