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Materials Fee or Fee Change

Winter 2019
Systems & Signals Laboratory
Electrical & Computer Engineer
College of Engineering
The fee is required to replace ICs (op-amps and analog multipliers) that become damaged after their use Additional components (resistors, capacitors and connectors) are used in multiple experiments and have a tendency to fail, get misplaced and/or for their pins to brake.
1. Op-Amps (count 10) @ $2 each for a total of $20
2. Analog multiplier (count 2) @ $10 each for a total of $20.
3. Resistors, capacitors and breadboard jumper wires for an approximate cost of $10
Total cost of all items = $50 per semester.
Since students work in teams of two, the $50 boils down to a fee of $25 per students.
Key: 26