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Viewing: GEL: Hydrology of Natural and Urban Environments

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Mark Baskaran

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Winter 2020
Hydrology of Natural and Urban Environments
Environmental Science and Geology
Liberal Arts & Sciences
Two hour Kayak Trip: $45.00 based on per person cost associated with privately led tour through a local agency Detroit River Sports (see

Material fee: 10.00 per person (includes posters and expendables needed to conduct the lab portion of the course such as handout, maps, ziplocs, annual plants, etc...)
The two hour kayak trip in the canals of the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood will be the terminus of the course. It will be an up-close and personal look at the urban influence on the watershed and the urban stream network. There is nothing like getting in and paddling around the water to understand it.

The material fee includes costs associated for the poster session at the end of the semester and expendables for the lab portion of the course.
Key: 30