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Viewing: PHA: Principles of Pharmacotherapy VI: Oncology, Advanced Immunology

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Fall 2019
Principles of Pharmacotherapy VI: Oncology, Advanced Immunology
Pharm & Health Sci Dean
Pharmacy and Health Sciences
The projected expenditure is based on the estimated cost of $70 per year per student of the assessment management application Examsoft and its support services.
Examsoft is an assessment management platform designed to help educators efficiently evaluate objective as well as subjective assignments and assessments that are mapped directly to the course learning outcomes and the program's learning outcomes. The tool will provide specific reports on individual student performance and learning as output that will help demonstrate the strength of the program, determine the learning gaps for individual students and the content areas that need attention for overall performance improvement. Report cards for individual student performance can be generated longitudinally and student learning progress across all areas/ABOs (Ability Based Outcomes) of the program can be tracked in an efficient way. This will in turn help the college meet accreditation standards and implement a data driven performance improvement system that support overall teaching learning process. Of significant note, our accrediting body, Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, recommended this system to us in their recent 2016 evaluation report and over 70% of Pharm.D. programs nationwide are already using this system.

PHA6125 - Principles of Pharmacotherapy VI: Oncology, Advanced Immunology is a course offered in the fall term of the third year in PharmD program and is the sixth course in the 6 Pharmacotherapy course series. Examsoft will be used extensively in full functionality in the Pharmacotherapy courses and across all of the didactic curriculum, in the Pharmacy program, to map the Abilities Based Outcomes and the Knowledge Based Outcomes to the assessment items, and to track student learning and performance. Faculty will upload and save assessments and assignments mapped to outcomes on Examsoft; students will take exams using Examsoft; Examsoft will be used to generate reports that enable a comprehensive SWOT analysis of the program which will be used for accreditation as well as programmatic assessment purposes.
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