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Winter 2020
Clinical Capstone
Pharm & Health Sci Dean
Pharmacy and Health Sciences
The projected expenditure is based off of the need to incorporate utilization of standardized patients in objective-structured clinical examinations during the course and purchase of drug supplies to simulate a community pharmacy. The anticipated cost for using Kado Clinical Skills Center is $10,000 and $500 for pharmacy supplies (over the counter medications, etc) for simulations.
The intent of the P3 clinical capstone course is that students will utilize their pharmacotherapy knowledge and skills to evaluate patient cases and practice related problems in order to assess their preparedness before they go to their advance pharmacy practice experiences during the fourth year of the curriculum. During this course, students will take part in two, four-station OSCEs during both a mid-course formative OSCE and a high-stakes end of course OSCE. Course material fees will be used to cover expenses related to the cost of the OSCEs (training and utilizing standardized patients and space/center for OSCEs) and additional supplies need to simulate a community pharmacy atmosphere.
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