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Mary Jo Pilat

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Winter 2020
Preceptorship Cr. 2
Physician Assistant Studies
Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Clinical Skills Testing Center- OSCE 50 x $120 = $6000
PAEA Standardized Exam - PACKRAT 50 x $ 40 = $2000
Supplies 50 x $ 9 = $ 450
Lab coats 50 x $30 = $1500
PAEA End of Curriculum Exam 50 x 80 = $4000
At the end of their senior year, the PAS students undergo as series of assessments to confirm their competence and readiness to graduate. This is required by the ARC-PA- our national accrediting body. Starting in Winter 2020, the Physician Assistant Education Association is introducing a new standardized end of curriculum exam to be used to fulfill part of the requirements mandated by ARC-PA. This is to be used in conjunction with the historical standardized assessment tool -the PACKRAT exam. Both exams will be part of a bundled package including end of rotation exams used for other clinical rotations/courses (see attached sheet). Rates indicated are for the reduced bundled package. Another assessment tool used by our program in the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) -this is traditionally done at the clinical skills testing center at the WSU medical school using standardized patients for clinical scenarios. Based on fees from 2018, the above proposal represents a slight increase per student of $10. Finally, supplies and lab coats are required- these costs remain unchanged.
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