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Karen Apolloni

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Winter 2021
Clinical Immunology
Applied Health Sciences
Pharmacy and Health Sciences
1. MediaLab, Inc. LabCE MLS Exam Simulator software annual license = $65.00/student divided across five clinical courses = $13 per student per course.

2. Trajecsys Report System clinical training tracking software = $75/student divided across five clinical courses = $15 per student per course.

Example pricing quotes from the past are attached as supporting documents.
The course materials fee of $28 will allow us to purchase software licenses for assessment examination software and for clinical training tracking software for each student in clinical training. The assessment examination software provides assessment test questions scoring of examinations in each specialty area as students participate in clinical training in each of our specialty areas. The clinical training tracking software will allow us to track student attendance, student evaluations, and student grades at each clinical site and as they progress through each specialty area. This documentation is needed for evaluating performance and determining final course grades in the clinical courses and for program accreditation records.
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