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Viewing: APA: Introduction to Mural Painting

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Margi Weir

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Fall 2019
Introduction to Mural Painting
Art and Art History
Fine, Performing & Comm. Arts
Between APA 2200 and 5200, there will be 20 students utilizing the material and resources so the cost per student is based on 20

Items are purchased in bulk

Fresco Lime Putty in bulk 35 kg = $382/20 = $19.10/student
Powdered Pigment - 28- 50 mg jars @ $16 ea - $448/20 = $22.40/student
Fresco Lath 3 rolls @ 49.99 ea= total= $149.70/20 = $7.48/student
Fresco Weld 3@ $17 ea for total $51/20 = $2.55/student
Fresco Brushes 10 brushes (to be shared between students) $194/20 - 9.70/student
Acrylic primer for acrylic mural painting 4 gallon @ $22 shared between
20 students =$4.40 per student

Total = $65.63/student; round to $65/student

Most of these expenses are for consumable materials that will be used up each term in the making of student projects. Lime Putty, Pigment, Fresco Lath and Fresco Weld. This also covers small sets of brushes and tools that will be shared by the students.
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