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Viewing: PAA: Introduction to Autopsy Techniques and Forensic Pathology

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Vera Mendes-Kramer

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Spring/Summer 2020
Introduction to Autopsy Techniques and Forensic Pathology
Applied Health Sciences
Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Cadaver with transport $1800 (x4), Cadaver body bags $26.79 (each), Gloves $57.60 (box 10), Surgical masks $16.55 (case), Blades $171.78 (case), Instruments (saw) $1000.00, Styker saw blades $198.00 (x2), Disposable gowns $104.58 (box), Bouffant caps $12.17 (case), Hand soap $122.80 (case)

For an enhanced experience in the autopsy lab, in which all students equally participate in the hands-on activities, the entire class must be divided in groups of three to actively perform and demonstrate autopsy techniques. Previously the number of cadavers utilized did not allow for equal participation of all students and as such increasing the number of available cadavers by 1 will provide this opportunity to the students.
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