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Mary Jo Pilat

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Fall 2020
Patient Evaluation II
Health Care Sciences
Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Clinical Skills Center 50 x $220 = 11,000
Supplies 50 x $2 = 100
EXXAT 50 x $32 = 1600
The patient evaluation courses of the PA program require a significant course fee, primarily due to the clinical skill center fees which are charged by staff at the School of Medicine. Another source of course fee is the education management system that is used to monitor and evaluate our students at their clinical site visits. Our previous system was E-value which was incorporated as a single course fee of $53 in PAS 7040. This system is difficult to navigate and is very laborious and time intensive for students, staff and faculty. Our program has recently switched to a much more user-friendly system- EXXAT. This education management system incorporates all the aspects of E-value and provides even more assessment opportunities for the faculty. It also allows for curriculum mapping which is necessary for the WSU PAS accreditation. The cost of this program is a yearly fee for each student and a portion of this fee has been allocated to the pertinent didactic courses in Year I (PAS 7040, 7050 and PAS 7060) and Year II (PAS 8000, 8010, 8020).
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