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Mary Jo Pilat

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Winter 2021
Health Care Sciences
Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Clinical Skills Center 50 x $120 = $6000
PACKRAT 50 x $ 40 = $2000
Supplies 50 x $ 9 = $ 450
Lab Coats 50 x $ 30 = $1500
PAEA Curriculum Exam 50 x $ 80 = $4000
ROSH Review 50 x $ 36 = $1800
Fees for the Clinical Skills Center, PACKRAT, Supplies, Lab Coats and PAEA Curriculum Exam remain the same. This proposal is to add fees for ROSH review access.

Over the last 4-5 years, the majority of Year II physician assistant students in our program have used ROSH Review (
as a learning and assessment tool. Students have used this as an accessory study tool to augment their clinical year learning and have paid for this individually. We approached the developers of this Review program to review the program and determine if a discounted price could be obtained for the students. The developers provided us with a package including the learning and assessment tools for the students as well as assessment tools for faculty to determine how each student is doing in individual topics. This will allow both the faculty and the students to identify areas of deficiency in our teaching/learning areas. It also provides tools for the remediation of students and preparation for end of year summative exams as well as the PA boards at the end of the program. The ARC-PA (our accrediting body) is emphasizing the use of several assessment tools, both internally and externally vetted, to determine the depth and breadth of knowledge of our PA students. Access to this online learning environment will provide another avenue for our students. The total cost for the clinical year per student discounted was $288 (individually the students cost was $299 per website- this did not include faculty access to the assessments). The total cost has been equally allocated to the classes of the Year II curriculum (PAS 8000, 8010, 8020, 8030, 8040, 8050, 8060 and 8070).
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