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Mark Baskaran

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Fall 2020
Soils and Soil Pollution
Environmental Science and Geology
Liberal Arts & Sciences
1) Argon and Nitrogen gas cylinders for soil Surface Area analyzer - estimated cost: $ 100.00
2) Glassware, acid, base, other chemicals: $ 100.00
3) Hand-held filtration equipment - 4 sets (1 per group of 4 students), with hand-held
vacuum device ($ 75.00 per set for 4 sets): $ 300.00
4) Filter paper, pH paper, and other supplies: $ 100
Total cost: $ 600.00
We have obtained recently two new equipment for lab teaching in GEL 5150: Soils and Soil Pollution course. This will start in Spring-Winter 2021. As a part of this course, we will be incorporating the use of Surface Area Analyzer, demonstration of soil organics extraction, filtration, and pH measurements. This is a very useful, hands-on experience for our students and expected to significantly augment the learning experience.
Key: 89