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Silvia Giorgini-Althoen

Materials Fee or Fee Change

Fall 2021
Science, History and Culture of Italian Cuisine
Classical Mod Lang, Lit & Cult
Liberal Arts & Sciences
NFS 3300 - Science, History, and Culture of Italian Cuisine
As indicated in the attached syllabus, this course, cross-listed with Nutrition Food and Science, has several organoleptic tasting experiments and cooking demonstrations.
For the extra virgin olive oil tasting I spend around $120 to purchase 5/6 different freshest extra virgin olive oils for students to compare and describe
For the salt tasting I spend around $80 to purchase 10 different types of salts from all over the world, plus the food used to compare the effects of salt on it (around $20: last semester I brought in tomatoes, grapefruits, cucumbers, baguettes and dark chocolate)
For the cheese tasting I spend around $200 to purchase Italian DPO (Denomination of Protected Origin by the European Union Standards) cheeses (usually 10-12 different types of cheeses)
We then make pasta and various sauces. To make pasta I usually spend about $40 for flour and eggs; for mushroom sauce I spend around $30.
For the tomato sauce and "Pappa al pomodoro" recipes I spend around $20 (crushed tomatoes and bread, fresh sage and fresh basil, garlic).
I also have to purchase some equipment, like cups for the olive oil experiment and paper plates for the tastings.
This is a highly experiential class and to make it successful I do need to provide students with the best ingredients to experience and truly understand the history, science and culture of Italian cuisine.
The first classes were a huge success and I think it would be more efficient to charge a material course fee to help cover for the costs.
Heather E. Dillaway (ao1701) (Tue, 14 Jan 2020 16:41:18 GMT): Rollback: See email from Heather Dillaway. This proposal is past deadline and therefore we cannot accept it this year. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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