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Air Force (ROTC)

The Air Force Officer Education Program at the University of Michigan provides Wayne State University students the opportunity to earn a commission as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force through the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC). Three- and four-year programs are offered. All AFROTC classes are conducted on the University of Michigan campus, Ann Arbor, MI; registration is managed by AFROTC. Interested students should contact AFROTC at 734-764-2403 or visit Room 154 at North Hall on the Ann Arbor campus. Students who enroll as cadets in the Air Force Officer Education Program, successfully complete the program, and receive a university degree are commissioned as second lieutenants in the United States Air Force.

Admission to introductory-level courses in this program is open to anyone, but admission to junior-level standing is open only to students having matriculate status in a four-year degree program at one of the resident sponsoring institutions.

Career Opportunities: Men and women can serve in a wide range of flying duties as aircrew members or in many technical fields as well as in numerous other non-technical specialties. Advanced education or technical training for these career areas may be obtained on active duty at Air Force expense.

Three- and Four-Year Program: The four-year program consists of eight terms (sixteen credits) of course work. The first four terms (freshman and sophomore years) comprise the General Military Course (GMC). During the summer following this sequence each student is required to attend a four-week summer field training session. After completing field training, students enroll in the last four terms (junior and senior years) of AFROTC called the Professional Officer Course (POC). Questions about the three-year program should be directed to the AFROTC at 734-764-2403.

Financial Benefits and Scholarships: All students enrolled in the POC, whether or not on scholarship, receive a monthly stipend during the academic school years. Uniforms, AFROTC books, and equipment are furnished free of charge. Pay and travel allowance are provided to attend field training. AFROTC provides scholarships on a competitive basis for periods of two and three and one-half years. These scholarships provide tuition, laboratory fees, a book allowance, and the monthly stipend. Room and board are not furnished.

Obligation to the Air Force: After graduation and commissioning, graduates are called to active duty in the Air Force. The standard period of service is four years for non-aircrew members, six years for navigators, and ten years for pilots. Obligations for aircrew members begin following graduation from aircrew training. A contractual obligation is incurred for non-scholarship students when they enter the POC. Scholarship students incur an obligation in their sophomore year.

Course of Study: Students enroll in one AFROTC course (AERO) during each term of participation in the program. In addition to the lecture, there is a mandatory two-hour Leadership Laboratory during each of the eight terms, for those students who are eligible for the commissioning program.

Military Science (ROTC)

The College of Engineering currently sponsors the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (AROTC) and provides Wayne State University students with an Officer Education Program through a partnership agreement with the University of Michigan. The Officer Education Program allows qualified applicants to receive commissions as Second Lieutenants in the United States Army. Other interested students throughout the University may select military science courses, offered as Basic Engineering credits, for elective credit without participating in leadership training or incurring any military obligation. Army ROTC offers both a four-year and a two-year program. The four-year program consists of a two-year basic course, a two-year advanced course, and a four-week summer camp known as the Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC), normally attended between the junior and senior years at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. Students having prior ROTC, including Junior ROTC (JROTC), or prior military service may be given placement credit for part or all of the basic course at the Professor of Military Science's approval. The two-year program is by application only and consists of a four-week Leadership Training Course (LTC) in Fort Knox, Kentucky, a two-year advanced course, and LDAC. All students with a minimum of two years of school remaining (graduate or undergraduate) are eligible. Students must notify the department prior to February 15 of their sophomore year if they are interested in this program. ROTC cadets are eligible for four-, three-, and two-year scholarships which can be used to pay either tuition and fees, or room and board, as well as money for books. In addition, the advanced course students and all scholarship students receive a tax-free subsistence allowance during the school year. ROTC books and uniforms are furnished at no cost to students. Cadets who maintain high academic, fitness, and leadership standards are eligible to apply for Regular Army Commissions. Interested students should visit the Wayne State University Army ROTC program website.

Basic Engineering ROTC Courses

BE 1101 Introduction to Officership Cr. 1

Classroom introduction to leadership, and the experiential examination of leadership, followership, decision-making, and group accomplishment of tasks. Offered Every Other Year.

BE 1102 Introduction to Leadership Cr. 1

Continuation of B E 1101; focus on communications, leadership, and problem-solving. The light infantry platoon and the troop leading process. Offered Every Other Year.

Prerequisite: BE 1101 with a minimum grade of C-

BE 2201 Innovative Tactical Leadership Cr. 1

Military organizational leadership with focus on leadership development and interpersonal group dynamics. Offered Every Other Year.

Prerequisite: BE 1102 with a minimum grade of C-

BE 2202 Leadership in Changing Environments Cr. 2

Challenges of leading in complex contemporary operational environments. Cross-cultural challenges of leadership applied to practical Army leadership tasks and situations. Offered Every Other Year.

Prerequisite: BE 1102 with a minimum grade of C-

BE 3301 Leading Small Organizations I Cr. 2

Leadership development and interpersonal and group dynamics. Methods of visualizing, planning and leading organizations to achieve set goals. Offered Every Other Year.

BE 3302 Leading Small Organizations II Cr. 2

Offered Every Other Year.

Prerequisite: BE 3301 with a minimum grade of C-

BE 4401 Leadership and Management Cr. 3

Multiple styles and theories of leadership; ethical decision making, especially as relating to changing organizational and individual behavior; accomplishing goals in resource-constrained environments. Offered Every Other Year.

Prerequisite: BE 3302 with a minimum grade of D-

BE 4402 Military Professionalism and Professional Ethics Cr. 3

Evaluation and assessment of needs of subordinate units and individuals; near-term and short-term plans to address these needs. Analysis of a historical battle as well as analysis of moral and leadership dilemmas in history. Offered Every Other Year.

Prerequisite: BE 4401 with a minimum grade of C-

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