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Athletic Training AGRADE Program

Athletic Training AGRADE Overview

An admissions moratorium is in effect for this program.

The Division of Kinesiology, Health, and Sports Studies (KHS) in the College of Education offers degrees that focus on the broad careers of health, wellness, exercise, sport, and human performance. With programs in Athletic Training (AT), Community Health (CH), Exercise and Sport Science (ESS), Health and Physical Education Teaching (HPET), and Sport Administration and Management (SAM), KHS prepares students to excel in a range of health-related professions.  

The Athletic Training AGRADE program is available to academically strong students completing B.S. degrees in Community Health; Exercise and Sport Science; Health and Physical Education Teaching; and Sport Management so they can begin a master's degree while simultaneously completing their bachelor's degree. Coursework taken during a student's senior year (up to 16 credits) can simultaneously qualify toward the bachelor's and master's degrees. In this case, after completing any bachelor's degree in this division, students would have also completed a substantial portion of the coursework required for the Master of Science (M.S.) in Athletic Training. This allows motivated students the opportunity to complete the requirements for both degrees in an accelerated format.  
Our bachelor's programs typically have between 15-25 elective courses in their plans of work. This AGRADE program allows students to utilize graduate courses in Athletic Training to fulfill these elective requirements. Students, in consultation with their advisor, can select Athletic Training graduate courses that count toward the student’s bachelor's and master's degrees. The graduate coursework completed while enrolled as an undergraduate is assessed at the undergraduate tuition rate, resulting in significant tuition savings. 

Admission Criteria 

Students may apply for the Athletic Training AGRADE program no earlier than the semester in which ninety credits are being completed. Applicants must have a minimum overall grade point average of 3.30. After admission, the AGRADE program requires a continuing undergraduate cumulative grade point average of at least a 3.30 and a grade of B or higher in Athletic Training Masters coursework. 


AGRADE advising is provided by the Division of Academic Services College of Education.

Athletic Training AGRADE Courses   

The following M.S. in Athletic Training courses can be included in a bachelor's plan of work in any KHS degree. It is important to note that the M.S. in Athletic Training degree is offered in a sequential progression with new cohorts starting each spring/summer term. Therefore, undergraduate students seeking admission to the Athletic Training AGRADE program must plan their coursework accordingly. Students may choose up to a maximum of 16 credits including the following (contact an advisor for additional course options):

ATR 5110Pathophysiology of Sports Injuries3
ATR 5115Acute Care of Athletic Injuries3
ATR 5125Orthopedic Assessment3
ATR 5130Therapeutic Interventions I3
ATR 5149Pre-Season Integrative Experience I1
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