Physical Education and Physical Activity Leadership Elementary Minor (Grades K-5)

Current or future teachers seeking to add physical education to their teaching certificate may do so through the Physical Education and Physical Activity Leadership (PE-PAL) minor. Students may complete this minor with any teaching major.

Students not involved in a teacher certification program may elect a PE-PAL minor only after consultation with a program advisor.

Level 1
KIN 5100Anatomical and Physiological Bases of Physical Activity3
KIN 5110Motor Learning and Development3
KIN 5200Effective Teaching and Instructional Practices3
KIN 5210Movement Education 3
KIN 5220Sports I3
KIN 5240Fitness Instruction3
KIN Elective, select one of the following:3
Sports II
Adventure and Outdoor Pursuits
Aquatic Leadership
Level 2
KIN 5400Adapted Physical Activity3
KIN 5530Technology and Assessment in Kinesiology3
Total Credits27