Physical Education and Physical Activity Leadership Secondary Minor (Grades 6-12)

Current or future teachers seeking to add physical education to their teaching certificate may do so through the Physical Education and Physical Activity Leadership (PE-PAL) minor. Students may complete this minor with any teaching major.

Students not involved in a teacher certification program may elect a PE-PAL minor only after consultation with a program advisor.

Level 1
KIN 5100Anatomical and Physiological Bases of Physical Activity3
KIN 5110Motor Learning and Development3
KIN 5200Effective Teaching and Instructional Practices3
KIN 5220Sports I3
KIN 5240Fitness Instruction3
KIN Elective, select one of the following:3
Sports II
Adventure and Outdoor Pursuits
Aquatic Leadership
Level 2
KIN 5400Adapted Physical Activity3
KIN 5530Technology and Assessment in Kinesiology3
KIN 5600Socio-cultural Issues in Physical Activity3
Total Credits27