Control Systems (Certificate)

Control systems underlie the majority of any engineering system with an electronic or computer-based function -- from manufacturing procedures to automotive systems and consumer electronics. An enhanced knowledge of the design, programming, construction, analysis, and verification of control systems provides students with extensive tools applicable in many, diverse engineering fields. This certificate program provides students with a background in electrical or computer engineering with additional education, and documentation of qualifications, in this area.

Admission Requirements: Students must be concurrently enrolled in or have completed an undergraduate degree (B.S.) in engineering with a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative major g.p.a. Students currently pursuing a B.S. in engineering must have completed at least sixty credits of undergraduate coursework and be enrolled in the professional engineering program of their discipline. Students must document satisfactory completion of all prerequisite courses (or their equivalent) with a grade of ‘C-minus’ or higher.


Prerequisite Background

ECE 3300Introduction to Electrical Circuits4
ECE 3330Electrical Circuits II4
MAT 2010Calculus I4
MAT 2020Calculus II4
MAT 2030Calculus III4
PHY 2185University Physics for Engineers II4
Total Credits24

CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS: Students interested in earning an Undergraduate Certificate in Control Systems must complete the following set of four courses (16 credits) as outlined in the following curriculum:

ECE 4330Linear Systems and Signals4
ECE 4470Control Systems I4
ECE 5440Computer-Controlled Systems4
ECE 5470Control Systems II4
Total Credits16
Program Standards: All students must earn at least a ‘C-minus’ in each of the courses to be applied towards the Undergraduate Certificate and complete the coursework (16 credits) with an overall g.p.a. of at least 2.0. Students concurrently enrolled in an engineering undergraduate program will be governed by overall policy on substandard grades for students pursuing a B.S. degree (one substandard grade allowed for every twenty-four credits completed at WSU). Students who have completed a B.S. degree and pursue only the Undergraduate Certificate will be allowed one substandard grade, with a subsequent successful repeat of the course, during completion of this academic program.