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Classics (B.A.)

The study of other languages, literatures, and cultures not only provides important perspectives on the world, but also sharpens analytical and reasoning skills, deepens understanding of English, and enhances the quality of one's writing. Linguistic and broadly-based cultural studies provide excellent grounding for various professional programs, including law, business, medicine or health sciences, teaching at the high school or university level, library and information science, and museum practice.

 Students should refer to the CMLLC program requirements for admission, degree, and general education requirements. A major in Classics consists of satisfying one of the following sets of concentration requirements:

Latin Major Concentration

Twenty-four credits in Latin (exclusive of LAT 1010 and LAT 1020) with minimum of 8 credits at the 5000-level or above24
CLA 1010
CLA 2000
Classical Civilization
and Greek Mythology (both preferably taken during the freshman or sophomore year)
CLA 3825Survey of Latin Literature3
One additional CLA course at the 2000-level or above3-4
Total Credits36-37

Classical Civilization Concentration

CLA 1010
CLA 2000
Classical Civilization
and Greek Mythology (both preferably taken during the freshman or sophomore year)
CLA 3150Athens and the Ancient Greek World3
CLA 3700The Golden Age of Rome3
GKA 2020Intermediate Ancient Greek II4
or LAT 2020 Intermediate Latin II
PHI 2100Ancient Greek Philosophy3
CLA 3800Survey of Greek Literature3
CLA 3825Survey of Latin Literature3
Students must take at least 6 credits at the 5000-level or above in CLA, LAT, or GKA
Electives (select two courses from the list below)6
No course can be taken as a requirement and an elective.
Total Credits31

Classical Civilization Concentration Elective List

Lost Cities and Ancient Civilizations
Concepts and Techniques in Archaeology
Museum Studies
Introduction to Greek Tragedy
Ancient Comedy
Medea in African American Literature
Athens and the Ancient Greek World
Topics on Women in Antiquity
Plutarch's Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans
The World of Early Christianity
Byzantine Civilization
The Golden Age of Rome
Greek Identity from Antiquity to Modernity
Survey of Greek Literature
Survey of Latin Literature
Further Studies in Mythology
Special Studies
Greek - Ancient (GKA)
Any GKA course if Latin is the major language
Greek - Modern (GKM)
Modern Greek Literature and Culture in English
History of Ancient Greece
History of Ancient Rome
Rome and the Barbarians
The Early Middle Ages: 300-1000
Any course if Ancient Greek (GKA) is the major language
Near Eastern Studies
The Bible and Ancient Mythology
Ancient Greek Philosophy
Ancient Greek Medicine and Psychology
PHI 5400The Presocratics and Sophists4
PHI 5410Plato4
Political Science
Great Political Thinkers I

Recommended Cognate Courses: All majors in the Department are strongly urged to take as many courses as possible from the list above and in the literatures of other languages, including English.

Latin: Combined Curriculum for Secondary Teaching

Students who are preparing to teach Latin in the secondary schools and who wish to obtain a B.A. degree with a concentration in Latin must complete the concentration in Latin as outlined above and the requirements for this curriculum set by the College of Education. For further information, see Combined Curriculum for Secondary Teaching.

Eligible students who are interested in the program should consult the department undergraduate advisor. For information about honors-designated coursework available each semester, including the required 4000-level Honors seminar, visit the Honors College website.

Classics Honors (B.A. Program)

In order to graduate with Honors in Classics, a student must complete all requirements for a major in Classics (see above); must maintain an overall g.p.a. of 3.3, and a g.p.a. of 3.5 in courses in the major; must complete a minimum of fifteen Honors option/and/or Honors designated credits, including one three-credit Honors seminar (HON 4200-HON 4280), and three credits of CLA 4998 (Honors Thesis) involving a senior essay, thesis or project under the supervision of a full-time faculty member of the Classics area.

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