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Near Eastern Studies (B.A.)

The study of other languages, literatures, and cultures not only provides important perspectives on the world, but also sharpens analytical and reasoning skills, deepens understanding of English, and enhances the quality of one's writing. Linguistic and broadly-based cultural studies provide excellent grounding for various professional programs, including law, business, medicine or health sciences, teaching at the high school or university level, library and information science, and museum practice.

Students should refer to the CMLLC program requirements for admission, degree, and general education requirements.

Near Eastern Studies Major

A major in Near Eastern studies consists of thirty-eight credits.

Select eleven credits in language, linguistics, or literature beyond ARB 1020 or HEB 102011
Select twenty-seven credits in elective courses with no less than six credits in three of hte following four subject areas:27
Ancient Near East
Israeli culture/civlization
Arab culture/Islamic civilization
Islamic and modern Middle East history
Total Credits38
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