Romance Languages (B.A.)

The study of other languages, literatures, and cultures not only provides important perspectives on the world, but also sharpens analytical and reasoning skills, deepens understanding of English, and enhances the quality of one's writing. Linguistic and broadly-based cultural studies provide excellent grounding for various professional programs, including law, business, medicine or health sciences, teaching at the high school or university level, library and information science, and museum practice.


Students should refer to the CMLLC program requirements for admission, degree, and general education requirements.

All majors with concentrations in Italian and Spanish are required to take a minimum of two cognate courses approved by the advisor. They are encouraged to take as much work as possible in the literatures of other languages, both ancient and modern, as well as in history, philosophy, linguistics, art, and music.

French Major Concentration Requirements

There is one French concentration offered by the Department, with an optional course selection at the 6000 level, for either French literature or French culture.

A concentration in French consists of:

FRE 2100French through Film I4
FRE 2110French through Film II4
FRE 2710Introduction to French Civilization I3
or FRE 2720 Introduction to French Civilization II
FRE 3200French Cafe3
FRE 3300Prose, Poetry, and Performance3
FRE 4610Introduction to Literary Textual Analysis3
FRE 4620Topics in Sociocultural Analysis3
FRE 5100Advanced Composition3
FRE 5305Advanced Grammar and Stylistics3
Select two courses in Option A or Option B:3
Option A (Culture Studies)
French Civilization
Contemporary French Society and Institutions
Option B (Literary Studies)
French Sixteenth Century Literature
French Seventeenth Century Literature
French Eighteenth Century Literature
Studies in French Literature
French Nineteenth Century Literature
French Twentieth Century Literature
Francophone Literatures
Contemporary French Criticism and Literary Theory
Total Credits32

Majors with a concentration in French are required to take at least three cognate courses to be selected in consultation with the undergraduate major advisor.

Italian Major Concentration Requirements

The major concentration in Italian at Wayne State University (effective Fall 2014) is designed for maximum flexibility, offering students educational choices which can help prepare them for a wide variety of careers, including teaching, diplomacy, tourism, design, fine and performing arts, music, law, medicine, and international business, among others. A student with a particular historical or thematic interest can focus on history, art, music, literature, international studies, and other studies while completing a major concentration or a minor in Italian.

The major concentration in Italian requires a total of thirty-six credits beyond the basic language sequence (ITA 1010, ITA 1020, and ITA 2010). Majors are required to take ITA 2020 and an additional thirty-three credits, with at least two courses in each of three groupings: Language and Culture, Literature and Culture before 1700, and Literature and Culture after 1700. (For a list of courses within these classifications, consult the departmental advisor.) A total of nine credits can be elected from courses offered in a number of related disciplines.

During the last semester, students must complete the Writing Intensive, ITA 5993, a corequisite, non-credit course that satisfies the University General Education Writing Intensive Course in the Major requirement.

Italian Summer Program in Gagliano

Students may also take courses in Italian language, literature, and culture in the Wayne summer program in Gagliano Aterno, Italy. The Gagliano program offers students the opportunity to complete up to eight hours of course work in six weeks.

Spanish Major Concentration Requirements

A student concentrating in Spanish is required to take:

SPA 2025Cultural Connections, Grammar and Composition I3
SPA 3025Cultural Connections, Grammar and Composition II3
SPA 3300Introduction to Cultural and Literary Analysis3
SPA 4610Introduction to Early Modern Spanish Literature3
or SPA 4620 Introduction to Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature
SPA 4630Introduction to Colonial Latin American Literature3
or SPA 4640 Introduction to Modern and Contemporary Latin American Literature
SPA 5100Advanced Composition3
SPA 5200Spanish Phonetics3
Select one of the following:3
Spanish Culture and Its Tradition
Spanish American Cultures and their Traditions
Topics in Hispanic Culture or Language
One elective at the 3000 level or above3
One literature course at the 6000 level or above3
Two electives at the 5000 or 6000 level6
Total Credits36

Foreign Languages: Teacher Preparation

Students who are preparing to teach French, Italian, or Spanish in the secondary schools and who wish to obtain a B.A. degree with a concentration in one of these languages must complete the appropriate concentration as defined above. Students interested in pursuing teacher preparation course work should also refer to the Teacher Education Division of the College of Education.

Business Careers Language Preparation

Foreign language majors who do not plan to teach may wish to consider a series of courses in the Mike Ilitch School of Business which will provide some background for potential employment with multinational corporations. These courses will also prepare them for entrance into the Master of Business Administration degree program after completion of the B.A. For information, contact the Associate Dean of the Mike Ilitch School of Business, 226 Prentis Building, telephone: 313-577-4503.