English Placement Information

The American College Test (ACT) score in English or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score in Writing is used to determine placement into the appropriate basic composition course, eitherENG 1010 or ENG 1020.

ACT English Score

SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Score (new)

SAT Writing Score (old)

The ACT or SAT score may not be from an exam taken more than three years prior to enrollment in the course. If a student has more than one valid ACT and/or SAT test score, the score that produces the highest placement will be used. Any student placing into ENG 1010 via the ACT or SAT may take the English Qualifying Exam if he/she wishes to attempt placement into ENG 1020.  Students who have not taken the ACT or SAT, or have ACT or SAT scores more than three years old, must take the English Qualifying Exam to determine course placement.  Those students who have received transfer credit for WSU ENG 1020, or credit for WSU ENG 1020 through the Advanced Placement or College-Level Examination Programs, do not need to take the exam.

Prerequisite statements in the bulletin include WSU conversions for ACT and SAT scores. A score of 1 leads to placement in ENG 1010, and a score of 2 leads to placement in ENG 1020.

For more information, please refer to the Office of Testing, Evaluation and Research Services.