Learning Design and Technology (Ph.D.)

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Ph.D. and Ed.D. programs in Learning and Design Technology requires completion of the Verbal, Quantitative and Writing sections of the Graduate Record Examination, four academic letters of recommendation, a statement of research interests, and a resume.

The general requirements for these degrees are stated at Doctor Degrees.

Core requirements in the major include:

LDT 7100Foundations of Instructional Technology3
LDT 7111Design Thinking and Knowledge4
LDT 7150Evaluation of Learning and Performance4
LDT 7320Human Performance Technology4
LDT 8100Background, Issues and Trends in Instructional Technology4
LDT 8110Advanced Instructional Design Theory and Research4
Total Credits23

In addition, Ph.D. students are required to complete sixteen credits in LDT professional focus areas.

Students with a K-12 Technology Integration focus must take a minimum of six credits in Foundations of Education (Doctoral Seminars). Two courses are to be selected from:

EHP 9600Doctoral Seminar in Philosophy of Education3
EDP 9310Doctoral Seminar in Educational Psychology3
EDS 9620Doctoral Seminar in Educational Sociology3
TED 9130Doctoral Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction3
EDA 9790Doctoral Seminar in Educational Administration3

Eighteen credits in research courses are required in this program for both Ph.D. and Ed.D. students.

Ph.D students are to elect:

EER 7630Fundamentals of Statistics3
EER 7870Fundamentals of Qualitative Research3
Select one of the following:3-4
Fundamentals of Ethnographic Research
Advanced Qualitative Evaluation: Theory and Practice
Variance and Covariance Analysis
LDT 9105Conducting Research in Learning Design and Technology4
LDT 9110Advanced Research Seminar and Practicum4

Additional coursework is required in a cognate area and in dissertation research requirements.

A minimum of ninety credits are required for a doctoral degree in Learning Design and Technology. All doctoral committees must include a minimum of two faculty members from Learning Design and Technology; three LDT faculty members are preferred for Ph.D. students. All Plans of Work are developed in consultation with the student's assigned advisor.