Table of General Education Courses

For the purpose of satisfying Group Requirements, students may elect no more than TWO courses from a single subject area as defined by the University system of Subject Area Codes. (Subject Area Codes are the letter prefixes to course numbers.) Co-majors in the University Honors program are exempt from this limitation and may take more than two courses in the Subject Area Code of HON to satisfy Group Requirements.

American Society and Institutions (AI)

HIS 1050American Civilization Since World War II4
PS 1010American Government4
PS 1030The American Governmental System3

Basic Composition Competency (BC)

ENG 1020Introductory College Writing3
ENG 1050Freshman Honors: Introductory College Writing3

Critical and Analytic Thinking Competency (CT)

BA 1010Critical Thinking for Consumer Decisions3
COM 2110Argumentation and Debate3
PHI 1050Critical Thinking3

Foreign Culture (FC)

EITHER completion of one of the following foreign language sequences (through 2010 or 2110, as applicable): OR a course from the list immediately following.

ARB 2010Intermediate Arabic I4
CHI 2010Intermediate Chinese4
FRE 2010Intermediate French4
GER 2010Intermediate German I4
GKA 2010Intermediate Ancient Greek I4
GKM 2010Intermediate Modern Greek I4
HEB 2010Intermediate Hebrew I4
ITA 2010Intermediate Italian4
JPN 2010Intermediate Japanese I4
LAT 2010Intermediate Latin4
POL 2010Intermediate Polish4
RUS 2010Intermediate Russian I4
SPA 2010Intermediate Spanish4
SWA 2010Intermediate Swahili4
EITHER a course from the list below, OR completion of one of the

foreign language sequences in the list above:

AFS 3250Politics and Culture in Anglophone Caribbean3
AFS 3610Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Foreign Culture: The Africans4
ANT 3150Anthropology of Business3-4
ANT 3520Understanding Africa: Past, Present and Future3
ANT 3540Cultures and Societies of Latin America3
ANT 3550Arab Society in Transition3
ARM/GER/POL/RUS/SLA 3410New Soil, Old Roots: The Immigrant Experience3
DNC 2400Introduction to African Dance3
ENG/LIN 2730Languages of the World3
FRE 2710Introduction to French Civilization I3
FRE 2720Introduction to French Civilization II3
GER 2710Survey of Germanic Culture I3
GER 2720Survey of Germanic Culture II3
GKM 3710Modern Greek Literature and Culture in English3-4
HIS 2440History of Mexico3
HIS/GPH 2700/ENG 2670/PS 2700Introduction to Canadian Studies3
HON 4260Seminar in Foreign Culture3
ITA 2710Italy and Italians I3
ITA 2720Italy and Italians II3
JPN 4550Japanese Culture and Society I4
JPN 4560Japanese Culture and Society II4
LAS 2410History of Mexico3
LAS 2420History of Puerto Rico and Cuba3
LIN 2730Languages of the World3
NE 2000Introduction to Islamic Civilization of the Near East3
NE 3225Modern Israeli Culture: A Pluralistic Perspective3
NE 3550Arab Society in Transition3
NUR 4800Transcultural Health Through the Life Cycle3
PHI 2150Chinese Philosophy3
POL 2710Survey of Polish Culture3
RUS 2710Introduction to Russian Culture3

Historical Studies (HS)

ANT 3200Lost Cities and Ancient Civilizations3
ASN 1710History of Modern East Asia3
CLA/GKM 3590Byzantine Civilization3
CLA 3720/5720/GKM 5720Modern Greek Cities: An Historical-Ethnographic Study3
GSW 2600/HIS 2605History of Women, Gender and Sexuality in the Modern World3
HIS 1000World Civilization to 15004
HIS 1300Europe and the World: 1500-19454
HIS 1400The World Since 19454
HIS 1600African Civilizations to 18003-4
HIS 1610African Civilizations Since 18003-4
HIS 1710History of Modern East Asia3
HIS 1800/NE 2030The Age of Islamic Empires: 600-16003
HIS 1810/NE 2040The Modern Middle East3
HIS 1995Society and the Economic Transition3
HON 4250Seminar in Historical Studies3
LAS/HIS 1900History of Colonial Latin America3
LAS/HIS 1910Latin America from Independence to the Present3

Intermediate Composition Competency (IC)

AFS/ENG 2390Introduction to African-American Literature: Literature and Writing3
ENG 2100Introduction to Poetry: Literature and Writing3
ENG 2110Introduction to Drama: Literature and Writing3
ENG 2120Introduction to Fiction: Literature and Writing3
ENG 2210Great English Novels: Literature and Writing3
ENG 2310Major American Books: Literature and Writing3
ENG 2420Literature and the Professions: Literature and Writing3
ENG 2560Children's Literature: Literature and Writing3
ENG 2570Literature By and About Women: Literature and Writing3
ENG 3010Intermediate Writing3
ENG 3020Writing and Community3
ENG 3050Technical Communication I: Reports3

Life Sciences (LS)

ANT 2110Introduction to Physical Anthropology3
BIO 1030Biology Today3
BIO 1050An Introduction to Life 14
BIO 1510Basic Life Mechanisms 14
HON 4220Seminar in Life Science3
NFS 2030Nutrition and Health 13
PH 2100Introduction to Public Health3
PSY 1010Introductory Psychology 14
PSY 1020Elements of Psychology3

Courses can also satisfy the Life Science Laboratory Requirement when elected for appropriate credits and/or with appropriate laboratory. 

Oral Communication Competency (OC)

COM 1010Oral Communication: Basic Speech3
ENG 3060Technical Communication II: Presentations3

Philosophy and Letters (PL)

CLA 1010Classical Civilization3-4
CLA 2200Introduction to Greek Tragedy3-4
CLA 2300Ancient Comedy3
COM 2160Campaigns and Social Movements3
ENG 2200Shakespeare3
ENG 2430Digital Narrative3
ENG 2500The English Bible as Literature3
ENG 2510Popular Literature3
ENG 3110English Literature to 17003
ENG 3120English Literature after 17003
ENG 3130American Literature to 18653
ENG 3140American Literature after 18653
ENG 3470Survey of African-American Literature3
FRE/GER/ITA/SPA/RUS 2700Anguish and Commitment: European Existentialist Literature3-4
GER/SLA 2310Short Fiction from Central Europe and Russia3
GER/FRE 2991Understanding the Fairy Tale3
GLS 2700Introduction to Global Stories3
GSW 2500Humanities Perspectives on Gender, Sexuality, and Women3
HEB/NE 3240Survey of Modern Hebrew Literature in English Translation3
HON 4200Seminar in Philosophy and Letters3
LIN/ENG 2720Basic Concepts in Linguistics3
PHI 1010Introduction to Philosophy4
PHI 1020Honors Introduction to Philosophy3-4
PHI 1100Contemporary Moral Issues3
PHI 1110Ethical Issues in Health Care3
PHI 1120Professional Ethics3
PHI 1130Environmental Ethics3
PHI 1200Life and Death3
PHI 2100Ancient Greek Philosophy3
PHI 2110Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Philosophy3
PHI 2320Introduction to Ethics3
PHI 2400Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion3
PHI 2550Introduction to Philosophy of Science3
PHI 3500Theory of Knowledge3
PHI 3550Metaphysics3
PHI 3700Philosophy of Art3
PS 3510Law, Authority and Rebellion4
PS 3520Justice4
RUS 2991Understanding the Fairy Tale3
RUS 3600Nineteenth Century Russian Literature3
RUS 3650Russian Literature Since 19003

Physical Sciences (PS)

AST 2010Descriptive Astronomy4
CHM 1000Chemistry and Your World 14
CHM 1020Survey of General Chemistry 14
CHM 1220General Chemistry I 14
CHM 1225General Chemistry I for Engineers 13
GEL 1010Geology: The Science of the Earth 14
HON 4230Seminar in Physical Science3
PHY 1020Conceptual Physics: The Basic Science 14
PHY 2130Physics for the Life Sciences I 14
PHY 2170University Physics for Scientists I 14
PHY 2175University Physics for Engineers I4
PHY 3100The Sounds of Music 14

Courses can also satisfy the Natural Science Laboratory Requirement when elected for appropriate credits and/or with appropriate laboratory. 

Social Sciences (SS)

AFS 2210Black Social and Political Thought4
ANT 2100Introduction to Anthropology3-4
ANT/GLS/PH 3410Global Health3
ECO 1000Survey of Economics4
ECO 2010Principles of Microeconomics4
ECO 2020Principles of Macroeconomics4
GLS/HIS 2800Introduction to Global Issues and Institutions3
GLS/ANT 3700Globalization: Theories, Practices, Implications3
GPH 1100World Regional Patterns4
GPH 3130Introductory Urban Geography4
GPH 3200Europe3
GSW 2700Social Science Perspectives on Gender, Sexuality, and Women3
HON 1000The City3
LAS 3610Seminar in Latino/a Urban Problems3
PH 3100Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health3
PS 1000Introduction to Political Science3
PS 2240Introduction to Urban Politics and Policy4
SOC 2000Understanding Human Society3
SOC 2020Social Problems3
SOC 3300Social Inequality4
SOC 3510People on the Move: International Migration and its Consequences3
SOC 4100Social Psychology4
US/GPH/HIS/PS 2000/SOC 2500Introduction to Urban Studies4

Visual and Performing Arts (VP)

AH 1000Introduction to Art3
AH 1110Survey of Art History: Ancient through Medieval3-4
AH 1120Survey of Art History: Renaissance through Modern3-4
AH 1130Encounters with the Arts of Global Africa3
AED 5050Integrating the Arts into the Elementary Classroom3
COM 2010Introduction to Film4
COM 2020History of Film3
DNC 2000Introduction to World Dance3
DNC 2310History of Dance from 1800 to the Present3
ENG 2440Introduction to Visual Culture3
ENG 2450Introduction to Film4
MUH 1340Music Appreciation: World Music3
MUH 1345Music Cultures3
MUH 1350History of American Popular Music3
MUH 1351History and Styles of Rock and Roll3
MUH 1370Music Appreciation: Beginnings to the Present3
NE 2060Hebrew/Israeli Film: Trends and Themes in Israeli Cinema3
POL 3750Polish and Yugoslavian Cinema3
SLA 3710Russian and East European Film3-4
SLA 3750Polish and Yugoslavian Cinema3
THR 1010Introduction to the Theatre3
THR 1030Introduction to Black Theatre and Performance3
THR 1041Musical Theatre Appreciation3

Writing Intensive Competency (WI)

ACS 5997Senior Seminar in the Visual Arts3
AFA 5997Seminar3
AFS/GSW 5110Black Women in America3
AFS 5993Writing Intensive Course in African American Studies0
AGD 5260Senior Seminar3
AH 5993Writing Intensive Course in Fine Arts0
AIA 5997Senior Seminar3
AID 5997Senior Seminar3
ANT 5993Writing Intensive Course in Anthropology0
ASN 5993Writing Intensive Course in Asian Studies0
AST 4200Astronomical Laboratory2
BIO 4110Biomedical Technology and Molecular Biology4
BIO 4120Comparative Physiology4
BIO 4130General Ecology4
BME 4910Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design I3
CE 4995Senior Design Project3
CHE 4800Chemical Process Integration3
CHE 6810Chemical Engineering Research Project4
CHM 5550Physical Chemistry Laboratory2
CHM 6610Biological Chemistry Laboratory3
CLA 5993Writing Intensive Course in Classical Civilization0
CLS 5993Writing Intensive Course in Clinical Laboratory Science0
CMT 4200Senior Project3
COM 2230Broadcast News Writing and Digital Editing3
COM 3010Media Analysis and Criticism3
COM 3300Business and Professional Presentations3
COM 3400Theories of Communication3
COM 4100Feature Writing3
COM 4170Public Relations Writing3
COM 4560Telecommunications Policy: A Political Economy Approach3
COM 5993Writing Intensive Course0
CRJ 5993Writing Intensive Course in Criminal Justice0
CSC 4996Senior Project and Computer Ethics3
DNC 5993Writing Intensive Course in Dance0
ECE 4600Capstone Design I4
ECO 5993Writing Intensive Course in Economics0
ELE 6020Seminar in Early Childhood3
ELR 4700Senior Seminar3
ENG 5993Writing Intensive Course in English0
ET 4999Senior Project3
FRE 5100Advanced Composition3
GEL 5993Writing Intensive Course in Geology0
GER 5993Writing Intensive Course in German0
GLS 5993Writing Intensive Course in Global Studies0
HE 5993Writing Intensive Course in Health Education0
HE 6430School Health Curriculum3
HIS 5993Writing Intensive Course in History0
IE 4310Production Control3
ITA 5993Writing Intensive Course in Italian0
KIN 3550Motor Learning and Control3
LIN 5993Writing Intensive Course in Linguistics0
MAT 5993Writing Intensive Course in Mathematics0
ME 4500Mechanical Engineering Design II4
ME 5500Advanced Engineering Design4
MS 4300Pathology for Mortuary Science2
MUH 3330Music History and Literature III3
MUH 5993Writing Intensive Course in Music0
NE 5993Writing Intensive Course in Near Eastern and Asian Studies0
NFS 4210Dietetic Practice II10
NFS 6850Controversial Issues2
NUR 5993Writing Intensive Course in Nursing0
OT 5993Writing Intensive Seminar in Occupational Therapy0
PH 5100Capstone Course in Public Health4
PHI 5993Writing Intensive Course in Philosophy0
PHY 6780Research Methods in Biomedical Physics3
PHY 6850Modern Physics Laboratory2
POL 5993Writing Intensive Course in Polish0
PPR 6180Advanced Ethics and Professional Responsibility2
PS 5993Writing Intensive Course in Political Science0
PSY 3993Laboratory in Experimental Psychology2
RT 4360Clinical Practicum V4
RUS 5993Writing Intensive Course in Russian0
SLP 5360Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology3
SOC 4996Sociology: Capstone Course4
SPA 5100Advanced Composition3
SW 4997Integrative Seminar in Social Work3
TED 5150Analysis of Elementary Teaching3 or 5
THR 5993Writing Intensive Course in Theatre0
US 4620Urban Studies Senior Capstone Research3