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Dispute Resolution (M.A./J.D.)

An admissions moratorium is currently in effect for this program.

The Department of Communication Dispute Resolution Program in cooperation with the Law School offers a joint degree program leading to a Master of Arts degree in dispute resolution and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. Students in this program must be admitted to both the Law School and the M.A. program in dispute resolution.

Students in this program must first be admitted to the Law School and then apply to the M.A. program in Dispute Resolution (M.A.D.R.). During their first year of Law School, joint degree seeking students should apply to the M.A.D.R. program using the online Application for Graduate Admission form (see admission requirements for M.A.D.R. listed above).

This degree requires the completion of a minimum 102 credits with the master’s degree part of the program offered only under Plan C. The first year of study is spent in the Law School. Following completion of the first year and after consultation with the Academic Director of M.A.D.R., students may elect one course per semester, up to a total of four courses, in the graduate M.A.D.R. program, credit for which is applicable toward the J.D. degree. In addition, Law School courses LEX 7016 (Alternative Dispute Resolution), and LEX 7616 (Negotiation) are considered equivalent to the M.A.D.R. core courses DR 7220 (Neutral Intervention) and DR 7210 (Negotiation), respectively, and their credit may be applied toward the M.A.D.R. Finally, students in this program may apply one Law School course (three credits) toward the satisfaction of the M.A.D.R. elective requirement.

For further information, contact the Academic Director of M.A.D.R. or the Law School Admissions Office.

NOTE: The Law School has an academic calendar and registration process separate from those in the Graduate School. Students must ensure they meet all appropriate application requirements and deadlines.

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