College of Education

Dean: R. Douglas Whitman

The College of Education at Wayne State University is located in, and serves the needs of, one of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. Thus, the College reflects the dynamic character of urban life, and, in its concern with urban problems, places great faith in education as the means by which human circumstances can be improved. To this end, the College prepares professional educators who have the commitment and competence to help young people achieve dignity, preserve individuality, develop democratic values, and find self-fulfillment.

As society has been altered by such factors as the development of knowledge, technological advances and population growth, the purposes and processes of education have changed. New technologies of instruction are evolving rapidly and offer the educator many opportunities for developing a high level of competence. Problems generated in our urban society are complex, and those related to education are no exception. Yet, the opportunities for curriculum innovation, experimentation and leadership have never been greater.